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Marla’s Story

In 2006, My mom worked at the YMCA in downtown Seattle. I would walk by the Recovery Cafe on 2nd and Bell where meetings were held and lunch was served. People who had struggles were welcome there. I hung out and became a member and attended a couple of 12 step meetings and recovery circles. It was my first time in recovery. There was chaos with the people outside slinging drugs and fighting around the Café. But people still came in and got sober and got support. People still coming sober, to support the recovery Café is what really impressed me. I would travel on the bus every day from Edmond’s to Seattle to see my mom, go to the gym and go to my circle at the cafe. That is how I got my first year in sobriety.

I relapsed in 2016.

I was ready to live on my own for the first time ever in my life. I moved into an apartment on 15th street in Everett. I was scared to death. I used my phone to direct me to the YMCA and on my way there I ran across this little house with a sign out front that said Everett Recovery Café. I wondered if it was the same as the one in downtown Seattle. I walked up the stairs, went in and asked John, the guy who was sitting at the desk, if this Café was anything like the Café in downtown Seattle and he said yes.

That day I found home.

I have three years sober now because of the Everett Recovery Cafe.


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