The Café is Open for Business

The new space is bright, welcoming and we are thrilled to welcome new and existing members! We have art and yoga classes, regular bingo and in-person Recovery Coaching and Circles (among other activities) going on Tuesday through Saturday at the Café. We hope you will join us. Heather, Joey, Jack and the rest of us

In Preparation to Move!

Hello and welcome! We are preparing to make our long-awaited move into our new space at 1212 California Ave in Everett. We are incredibly grateful for all of the hard work in time, patience, energy, and support we have received to get to this point.  Thank you. Things are being finished up, and we are

Volunteer Profile: Sharon

I volunteer at the Café as a “POP”; a “person of presence”.  I meet and greet both members I know well and those coming through the door for the first time.  I drink coffee, eat lunch, chat, and listen. Since I’ve been a POP for more than 3 years, I witness amazing stories of personal

We are a proud Member of the

Recovery Café Network