“Lexi is the greatest, she’s the best!”

“What brought me here? Word of mouth. What kept me here? Literally everything else!” If you’ve been in the Café during coffee hours, you’ve seen Lexi behind the counter of the coffee station, either making delicious, caffeinated beverages, or giving someone instruction on making one. Lexi is our Barista Training Program manager (she’s also a

Mindful Movement Yoga

All of us at Everett Recovery Café believe that mindfulness can play an important role in recovery, which is why we have a Mindful Thursday here. One component of our Thursdays is Mindful Movement Yoga taught by Sally. Sally’s yoga is a nice and gentle variety of yoga. The sessions are comprised of between 10

A member’s story of hope and resilience

It’s great to see stories of hope and recovery in the news. This particular article highlights the incredible resilience and determination of a member of the Everett Recovery Cafe that we are so proud of! His story is a heartwarming reminder that family support and connection can make all the difference in the journey of

Thank you Sno Isle Food Co-op!

A HUGE shout out to Sno Isle Food Co-op and their customers for their support and donations during the December round-up event. This shows that just a little bit can add up to so much! We are so grateful!

Bailey’s Story

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Bailey, and I am an addict. When I came to the Recovery Café, I was desperate, broken, and pregnant. The Café gave me a place to come and be loved on. I was always welcome there and began developing relationships with those people I saw there everyday

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