Recovery Coach Academy


The CCAR Recovery Coach Training offered at the Café is designed to prepare participants with the skills necessary to successfully deliver Recovery Coach Services to individuals seeking to provide support, mentor, and guide persons on the path to recovery from substance use, mental health, and/or physical health related issues.


What is a Recovery Coach?


A Recovery Coach is an individual in sustained recovery who assists others in recovery from substance use, mental health, and/or physical health issues by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery and serving as a personal guide and mentor.

Recovery Coaches are making their place within our community. There are many different names of what a Coach does, but what distinguishes a Recovery Coach from other peer positions is that we stay in our lane as recovery coaches, utilizing the fundamentals of the CCAR Recovery Coach Model.




CCAR’s Recovery Coach Academy was conceived in 2008 in response to the needs of the volunteers in the CCAR Recovery Community Centers. They asked for more trainings to better handle the variety’s of scenarios and situations generated from recoveree’s who frequented the centers. This included engagement and communication skills. When graduates returned from the academy , they started calling themselves “Recovery Coaches.”



CCAR trainings offered at the Everett Recovery Café:



CCAR Recovery Coach Academy (30 hours) 30 CEU’S

This in-depth training is offered to individuals who have an interest in providing support, mentorship, and guidance to persons with substance use, mental health,
and/or physical health related issues.




CCAR Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches (16 hours) 16 CEU’S

There are all kinds of Ethics trainings available to us. Recovery Coaches need an understanding of ethics that differs from those of clinicians due to their unique role while guiding someone through their own recovery process.









CCAR Recovery Coaching and Professionalism (12 hours) 12 CEU’S

Recovery coaches are beginning to be recognized as being successful parts of an individuals recovery process, leading many organizations interested in hiring recovery coaches. Professionalism and Coaching go hand ion hand in this 2-day training.














CCAR Recovery Coaching Basics (6 hours) 6 CEU’S

This is a one day, 6 hour training structured to provide participants with an understanding of the recovery process and how a Recovery Coach is instrumental along that path.








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